20 Website Flipping Statistics, Facts and Trends for 2024

Explore the latest insights into website flipping for 2024. Discover key statistics, facts, and trends shaping the industry, offering valuable insights for investors and entrepreneurs alike.

Website flipping is no longer an unfamiliar term. Website flipping simply involves buying undervalued websites, improving them, and then selling them at a profit.  

But how to buy a good website? Observe and study the traffic, design, content, and growth potential. Successful website flipping needs a strong strategy. Start with improving SEO, adding quality content, improving the design, and increasing monetization.

What about the costs? It can vary, but they usually include domain, hosting, development, and marketing expenses. Website flipping process can take months to years to see results. But often, they’re very profitable. 

Are these reasons enough to invest in website flipping? Let us make this decision easier for you. Keep reading to find the top 20 websites flipping statistics, facts, and trends for 2024. 

Key Website Flipping Statistics for 2024

  1. On average, beginners can earn between $100 to $10,000 by flipping domains. (Source: Hostinger)
  2. A website's value can be 20 to 50 times its monthly net profit. (Source: Hostinger)
  3. Many small-to-midsize businesses allocate $51 to $10,000 monthly for website marketing, while some invest over $20,000 monthly. (Source: WebFX)
  4. GoDaddy Auction is one of the largest domain-selling marketplaces in the world. (Source: AuthorityHacker)

Website Domain Flipping Statistics and Facts

  1. The majority of domain names are sold within the 3 to 4-figure range, while premium domains often fetch prices ranging from 6 to 7 figures. (Source: Kinsta)
  2. The highest-priced domain ever sold, Cars.com, was purchased for $872 million. (Source: GoDaddy)
  3. Google.com was mistakenly sold for $12, with the company paying around $12,000 to reclaim it and the temporary owner donating the money to charity. (Source: DomainWheel)
  4. Elon Musk acquired the domain name Tesla.com for $11 million. (Source: Yahoo)
  5. The top 5 most expensive domain names sold in 2022 include NFTs.com for $15 million, Connect.com for $10 million, Gems.com for $1.5 million, Unlock.com for $1.23 million, and Stable.com for $1.01 million. (Source: Verpex)
  6. The most expensive domain names globally include LasVegas.com ($90M), CarInsurance.com ($49.7M), Insurance.com ($35.6M), Vacationrentals.com ($35M), and Privatejet.com ($30.1M). (Source: FinanceOnline)

Website Sales Statistics

  1. Over 60% of flipped websites are sold within the first 3 months of being listed. (Source: Weacantrack)
  2. Email marketing stands as one of the most crucial sales funnels, with 64% of small businesses using it to engage customers. (Source: Hostinger)
  3. Brokers commonly charge their clients a commission fee ranging from 6 to 15% for each website sale. (Source: Hostinger)
  4. Similar to website brokers, marketplaces usually impose either a listing fee or a success fee, typically ranging from 5 to 15% of the sale. (Source: Hostinger)

Website Flipping on Flippa Marketplace Statistics

  1. Over 12,000 websites are sold on the Flippa marketplace each year. (Source: Investorsclub)
  2. Domain name sales account for 7.5% of Flippa’s transactional value. (Source: Investorsclub)
  3. 67% of Flippa’s listings are priced below $50,000. (Source: Investorsclub)
  4. One notable sale reported by Flippa was trading-education.com, a content site that sold for 5.93 times its annual profit, the highest multiple for any content site on the platform in 2023. (Source: Investorsclub)
  5. Planetrx.com was the most expensive website sold on the platform ($1.2 million). (Source: FirstSiteGuide)
  6. Niche-based business websites have the highest chance of selling for a good price on Flippa. (Source: FirstSiteGuide)


Is website flipping profitable?

Website flipping is profitable. On average, beginners can earn between $100 to $10,000 by flipping domains. 

(Source: Hostinger)

What is the most profitable domain?

The most profitable domain names globally include: 

  • LasVegas.com at $90 million
  • CarInsurance.com at $49.7 million
  • Insurance.com at $35.6 million
  • Vacationrentals.com at $35 million
  • Privatejet.com at $30.1 million

(Source: FinanceOnline)

Who is the largest domain reseller?

GoDaddy Auction is one of the largest domain-selling marketplaces in the world. 

(Source: AuthorityHacker)

How much do domains usually sell for?

Domains usually sell for within the three to four-figure range, while premium domains often fetch prices ranging from six to seven figures. 

(Source: Kinsta)